30 Years in Pleasure Products

Vibratex Launch Product Line Circa 1983

Vibratex, Inc. is a 2nd generation, family owned business formed in 1983, based on the demand for well-made, high quality vibrators for women. Started as retail adult stores in the 70’s, the owners of the company recognized something new when they began import of the first dual vibrators from Japan. Previously, the only vibes available were the plastic missile style and ‘realistic looking’ latex vibrators, which had vibration but did nothing to address a woman’s physiology. Up to 80% of the female population achieves orgasm through clitoral stimulation, so at the time the adult novelty industry was sorely lacking. This development concept was the platform for Vibratex to build its business. Their primary manufacturer in Japan had invented the first vibrator with a clitoral tickler back in the early 1970’s and the Beaver vibe is still around. As the story goes, two Japanese bartenders were brainstorming to build an adult toy that would offer pleasure distinctly fitting for a woman’s body, and a rabbit offered a cute, appealing shape. One of these men is still manufacturing the Vibratex Rabbit Pearl and Rabbit Habit to this day, along with many other styles.

The increase in popularity of the dual vibrator was steadily increasing as more and more women became aware of the impact of that clitoral tickler. By the time the Vibratex Rabbit Pearl was featured on HBO’s “Sex and the City”,  sales had been already steadily increasing for several years. Contrary to popular opinion, there was no sudden spike in sales – the Rabbit Pearl made the TV show, but the TV show was not responsible for its popularity. Satisfied women were, as they recognized a product that fit their physiology

The fame of the Rabbit Pearl and the Beaver vibrator is echoed in the numerous copies on the market. After the Vibratex Rabbit Pearl’s appearance on HBO’s “Sex in the City”, a myriad of beavers, bunnies, and jackrabbits appeared. A ‘rabbit’ vibrator has now become synonymous with any shaped dual vibrator, but all are based on the first Rabbit Pearl. The quality of the design and power of the well-made Vibratex product proves that they are great concepts that continue to hit their mark.

In the mid 1990’s, Vibratex expanded ownership to include the founder’s daughter; Shay Martin, and her husband Dan. With their respective backgrounds of biochemistry and engineering, they enabled the company to expand and grow with the continuing evolution the vibrator industry has witnessed. Shay worked in her parent’s company as she was growing up, and after a stretch of time in cancer research, she and engineer husband Dan decided to focus their talents in the family business. In addition to having more fun, they meet much more interesting people!

Shay and Dan’s goal is to develop new designs and materials that will accommodate consumers looking for sensual, safe, well-made vibrators and pleasure toys for bodies of all shapes and sizes. Vibratex has found that as the public becomes more educated about their bodies and what is available for them for their intimate experience, they appreciate a shopping environment that is knowledgeable and helpful in their search. In addition to high quality and aesthetically pleasing playthings, Shay and Dan have kept the Vibratex focus on attractive packaging for a broad appeal, while allowing the product to speak for itself.