The Girls from Vibratex

Meet The Girls. These adorable, but not innocent, cuties are sure to become every girl’s BFF. Princessa, Bestie and Amie tease with velvety silicone and pack a playful punch, each delightfully different from the other.
The Girls are rechargeable, splash proof and shower safe. They are made with premium velvety silicone and are phthalate free. Each Girl is sold separately and comes with its own charging cradle, USB cord and wall adapter. Cute looks and serious play potential.
The Girls were awarded “Best Product Line for Women” at a 2015 awards show.
Princessa, in the shape of a flower, features delicate, fluttering petals and a solid tip for pin-point pleasure.
Bestie has classic rabbit ears enhanced with individual power.
Amie is gentle and soft on the back of her curved droplet shape and surprisingly intense in her tip.
Velvety silicone
3 vibration intensities + 3 patterns
Body-safe, phthalate free
Includes charging cradle, USB cord, wall adapter (100-240V, 50/60 Hz)
1-year warranty

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The Girls have received a lot of praise. Check out some of the many reviews here:
“I love all the high-quality details of this toy, and that it has so much variety in vibrations and recharging options. If you’re a beginner and/or prefer lighter vibrations, I’d definitely recommend the Bestie as a top contender.”

–Slutty Girl Problems

“The Girls are easy to use, and are definitely non-threatening, making them the perfect present for that friend who has been wanting a vibrator but is easily intimidated by phallic-shaped devices.”

–Sex with Emily

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