30 Years in Pleasure Products

Vibratex is something most unusual: a second-generation, family owned, pleasure-products company. We’ve been around for over 30 years, bringing people unique, thoughtfully crafted pleasure pieces renowned for their power to satisfy. You may think you have never heard of us, but we bet you have.

Vibratex rose to fame with a bang after introducing something new: the blended-orgasm vibrator. You may know it as the Rabbit Habit, and the bang was, of course, Sex and the City, the HBO show. When Charlotte discovered the Rabbit Habit, she really didn’t leave want to leave home, and the rest is – as they say – history.

Well, sort of. The Rabbit Habit had actually been spreading rapidly across the country for well over a decade before Charlotte learned about it. Women’s glowing reviews of its deeply satisfying power and perfected body fit – not the TV show – were the real reason it became a must-have in many bedrooms.

In the Rabbit’s wake followed a number of other great Vibratex pleasure pieces, all of which originated in Japan. Most of them featured “inside and outside” stimulation and came in pretty colors, with delicate-looking ticklers for clitoral stimulation. This was a radical departure from the shall-we-say realistic-colored, missile-shaped vibrators of the day, and a great improvement for the 80% of women who achieve orgasm through clitoral or blended stimulation.

Over time, Vibratex evolved and grew the range of pleasure pieces it offers, to include products for men, rechargeable pieces and massagers. You may have heard about the Dahlia, the Sugar Pop, the Mystic Wand and the Black Pearl. In addition, since 2000, Vibratex is the sole importer to North America of the Magic Wand Original (formerly, the Hitachi Magic Wand). In 2015 that line grew to include both the original, corded product, and the cordless Magic Wand Rechargeable.

Still today, Vibratex continues to be a family-owned company, based in Napa, with the original founder’s daughter and her husband having taken over the reins. With their science, research and engineering backgrounds, they remain committed to the company’s goals of excellence in product quality and consumer satisfaction. They take pride in bringing pleasure pieces to you and me that enable anybody willing to be a bit playful to “Awaken New Sensations.”


Sex and the City is a trademark of Home Box Office Inc.